Tiffany Cabán Declares Victory in Queens DA Primary, Katz Pushes for Recount

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  • Tiffany Cabán declared victory after the polls closed last Tuesday, thanking the Democratic Socialists of America and the Working Families Party for being the “engine behind [her] campaign.”
  • Politico tied Cabán’s likely win to the “AOC effect” and highlighted the blow to the Queens machine.
  • With thousands of absentee and affidavit ballots yet to be counted until the end of this week, Cabán’s 1,090 vote lead (1.27%) may shift. If the margin is below 0.5%, a recount will be called, which the Queens Democratic Party, still supporting Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, is hoping will occur.
  • Gotham Gazette reviewed 20 of Cabán’s key policy positions.
  • Daniel Kogan, the Republican currently nominated to contest the Queens DA race this fall, has announced that he would be willing to step aside to allow conservative Democratic Gregory Lasak, who placed third in last week’s primary, to take the Republican ballot line in November. The Queens Democratic Party will reluctantly support Cabán in November if her primary victory is confirmed.
  • Lumarie Moldonado Cruz handily defeated the county machine-backed Wyatt Gibbons to win a Queens County judgeship in last week’s primaries. Legal Aid Attorney Grace Park won a contested Civil Court seat in Manhattan.

Local News

  • Housing activists are considering pushing New York’s public pensions to establish guidelines that prohibit investing in equity firms that profit from real estate speculation.
  • The NYC Department of Investigation issued a report finding that the NYPD had investigated almost 2,500 complaints of biased treatment by police officers, of which none were substantiated.
  • Workers from property services union 32BJ SEIU at a JFK Airport American Airlines contractor have gone on strike, citing abuse of the paid sick leave law and mistreatment of immigrant workers.
  • Following the death of 27-year-old Layleen Polanco on Rikers Island earlier this month, the New York City Board of Correction is considering a 15-consecutive-day-limit on solitary confinement in city jails.

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