City Council Staff Considers Unionization + Bloomberg Apologizes for Stop and Frisk

Local News:

  • Following an open letter signed by dozens of current and former City Council staffers that condemned abuse and harassment of Council staffers, District Council 37 has expressed interest in unionizing these workers. However, many think Council staffers will not opt to organize with a large union but a smaller one, due to concerns about the strong ties between these unions and City Council Members.

  • The NYPD maintained an illegal database of juvenile fingerprints, violating a State law requiring them to be destroyed. The database was discovered by Legal Aid lawyers, and has now been shut down.

  • The MTA has revealed it will cost the agency $249 million through 2023 to hire the 500 new subway police officers that Governor Cuomo has requested.

  • The City Council passed several pieces of legislation Thursday, including a plan to

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Election Day Results + NYPD Commissioner Resigns


  • Election Night ended in mostly expected results: Jumaane Williams won the Public Advocate race, Melinda Katz won the Queens DA race, Farah Louis was again voted into the City Council seat she won in a February special election, and all five ballot proposal were approved by voters.  
  • The New York Republican Party continues to lose its grip on suburban and upstate counties, with Adam Bello defeated the Republican incumbent in Rochester, becoming the first Democrat to be elected Monroe County Executive in 27 years.
  • Former Vito Lopez staffer Andy Marte has filed to run against Julia Salazar
  • Democrat Loree Sutton announced her candidacy for mayor. Sutton stepped down as the Veterans’ Services Commissioner last month, and was an Army brigadier general and the Army’s highest ranking psychiatrist before she joined the de Blasio administration. She recently registered as a Democrat and describes......
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Councilman Andy King Suspended + Ballot Measure Explainer Part 3


  • The City Council passed several significant laws last week including: an animal welfare package featuring a ban on foie gras, a plan to reshape the city’s streets with bike lanes, bus lanes, and pedestrian space, and a plan to overhaul the city’s commercial waste disposal system.

  • Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Corey Johnson have agreed to a $1.7 billion plan to rapidly add 250 new miles of protected bike lanes and 150 new miles of dedicated bus lanes to city streets.

  • Hundreds of people marched through downtown Brooklyn to protest NYPD violent tactics and the MTA’s crackdown on fare evasion. The surge of policing in the subway system is part of a broader criminalization of poverty in the city.

  • According to a report issued by a federal monitor, the Department of Corrections has not done anything to curb the violence and “hyper-confrontational” behavior......

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Cuomo Wants to “Destroy” the WFP + Ballot Measure Explainer Part 2


  • Governor Cuomo has apparently told his associates that he hopes to “destroy” the Working Families Party as part of his push to end fusion voting. City & State released an in-depth history of the WFP that details its roots in New York’s third parties of the 20th Century and traces its rise in influence over the past 15 years.
  • Noting the success of the 14th Street Busway, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said the city should consider banning cars on other major thoroughfares, such as 34th and 42nd street.
  • The 500 police officers Governor Cuomo ordered the MTA to hire will not be required to wear body cameras. These police officers will be directed to target fare-beating and homelessness in the subway system. Unlike NYPD officers, these officers are not required to wear body cameras because they are state officers.
  • Council Member......
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City Council approves plan to replace Rikers + Ranked Choice Voting In-Depth

Local News

  • The City Council approved an $8 billion plan to close Rikers and replace it with four smaller jails by 2026. No New Jails protesters attended the Council meeting to push legislators to consider closing Rikers and not build new jails to replace it. The next day, a coalition of activists and elected officials convened at City Hall to call attention to the shortcomings of the plan and demand a new deal that addresses homelessness.
  • The State Senate held a hearing on 50-a of the New York Civil Rights Law, which deems police personnel records confidential. Ahead of the hearing Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD clarified they do not support a full repeal of the law.
  • In response to unending meddling from the Cuomo administration and potential looming service cuts, NYC Transit Authority Chief Andy Byford quietly submitted a resignation letter......
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