Taxi Driver Bailout Proposal + Bushwick Rezoning Stalls

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  • A panel appointed by the New York City Council and Mayor de Blasio will propose a bailout for thousands of taxi drivers trapped in exploitative loans. The drivers, most of whom are immigrants, face rapidly mounting debt - a result of industry leaders selling taxi medallions at artificially inflated prices and creating a massive speculative loan bubble.
  • The Department of City Planning and Mayor’s Office rejected the Bushwick Community Plan, which may spell the end of the City’s Bushwick rezoning proposal.
  • In its first four years, Mayor De Blasio’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program has created only 2,000 housing units. The plan was designed to produce between 12,000 and 80,000 units over eight years.
  • In light of Governor Cuomo’s announcement that cities and localities will have to cover the State’s Medicaid budget shortfall, Mayor de Blasio warned of anticipated cuts and longer wait......
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Cuomo Delivers State of the State Address + Tremaine Wright Announced State Senate Run

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  • Governor Cuomo delivered his annual State of the State address in which he proposed guarenting workers 5 days of paid sick leave, suggested banning serial sexual harassers from the subway, and again endorsed legalizing marijuana and implementing automatic voter registration. Notably, he did not discuss his executive budget or how he plans to address the State’s $6.1 billion budget deficit. Cuomo commissioned this …interesting poster to go with the speech.
  • Despite the State’s budget deficit, Governor Cuomo said he does not plan to raise taxes. Mayor de Blasio and budget experts expect this means the Governor may soon look to cut services and spending in New York City.
  • Amid continued declines in overall crime, hate crimes in New York City increased 20% in 2019, driven in part by a significant increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea announced that......
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Mayor responds to Soleimani Killing with Increased Policing + Queens Borough President Race Comes into Focus

Local News

  • Following the anti-Semitic attack on a Hanukkah gathering in Monsey, NY, Mayor de Blasio announced a plan to increase NYPD presence in neighborhoods with significant Jewish populations.
  • After being arrested for drunk driving on New Year’s Eve, State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb will not resign, but will step down as leader of the Assembly Republicans.
  • Governor Cuomo signaled the he will revamp the push to end the ban on gestational surrogacy in the state during the 2020 legislative session.
  • New York lost an estimated 76,790 residents in 2019, the most of any state. Depending on the outcome (and participation in) the 2020 Census, it is possible that New York could lose up to two Congressional seats.
  • A federal judge has temporarily blocked implementation of a law to protect and empower farm workers by granting them the right to unionize, receive......
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New City Policies to Fight Homelessness + WFP Makes Local Endorsements

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  • The Mayor and City Council have reached an agreement on legislation requiring developers receiving city subsidies to set aside 15 percent of new housing for homeless individuals and families in buildings of 40 or more units. The deal could add roughly 1,000 new apartments for the homeless per year.
  • Deviating from his initial plan to only increase outreach to address homelessness, the Mayor announced that the City will create 2,000 apartments and beds in informal shelters in a bid to end chronic street homelessness in five years.
  • The MTA board approved a plan to hire 500 new transit cops as part of its $17 billion 2020 budget. Congress Members Ocasio-Cortez, Nadler, Serrano, and others had written a letter opposing this plan.
  • A preliminary analysis from the Brennan Center for Justice revealed that, like felonies, misdemeanor crimes are down on the subway,......
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McKinsey Covers Up Rikers Violence + More NYC-DSA Endorsements

Local News

  • A ProPublica investigation has revealed that the consulting firm McKinsey, which was hired by the New York City Department of Corrections to study and stem violence in Rikers Island, lied in reports to show a decrease in violence in the prison. Instead, violence increased significantly after McKinsey was hired.
  • Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie may be the real estate industry’s strongest ally in Albany to kill tenant friendly legislation in the next session.
  • A new report prepared by criminal justice reform activists documents the abuses of “Operation Crew Cut,” the NYPD initiative meant to target gangs that began under Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and continued under William Bratton and James O’Neill, both appointed by Mayor De Blasio. The report suggests the operation’s tactics are an extension of Stop and Frisk. Despite protests, De Blasio insists that the gang databases will continue.
  • Other NYPD......
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