City Delays In-Person Learning + WFP Fights for Ballot Line


  • Just five days before City schools were scheduled to reopen for in-person learning, the Department of Education announced a new plan for staggered reopenings. 
  • The Federation for Protestant Welfare Agencies found that federal aid to NYC has dropped by nearly $2 billion since 2010.
  • Three years have passed since the State’s Raise the Age legislation took effect, but observers are still reporting racial disparities and an over-reliance on youth detention.
  • Rikers Island correction officers regularly disregard COVID-19 safety protocols, according to Legal Aid attorneys.
  • City officials opened a COVID-19 testing site exclusive to NYC that is intended to process 40,000 tests per day, reducing the wait for test results to 24-48 hours.
  • Governor Phil Murphy struck a deal with New Jersey’s legislature to raise taxes on millionaires in the Garden State. Governor Cuomo has continued his resistance to raise a similar tax on the wealthy in New York.
  • In a move......
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NYPD Turns Violent at BLM Protest + Comptroller Stringer Announces Mayoral Bid

Local News:

  • While interfering in an arrest, a Black Lives Matter protestor broke his arm in two places after being shoved by the NYPD. Six protesters were detained by the NYPD following a demonstration outside the 34th Precinct on Saturday.
  • A new report from the CUNY Center for Labor and Urban Studies finds that New York City unions have a historic opportunity to increase membership during the pandemic. Already, approximately 20 percent of city workers belong to a union.
  • Pledged rule changes to limit the use of solitary confinement in New York prisons have been pushed back until 2023.
  • A report by the Independent Budget Office illustrated the ballooning staff numbers at District Attorney offices across the City in the last decade, even as crime declined.
  • The entire command staff of the Rochester Police Department, including the police chief and the deputy chiefs, announced......
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School Opening Delayed + State AG Empanels Grand Jury in Prude Case


  • The reopening of the NYC public school system has been pushed back from Sept 10th to the 21st. The delay was announced after the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew made a backroom deal with the mayor. In addition to the brief delay, the deal includes mandatory testing and guaranteed protective equipment.
  • New York State Attorney General Tish James announced that she will be convening a grand jury as part of her office’s investigation into the death of Daniel Prude in the custody of Rochester police. The police initially claimed his death was the result of a PCP overdose, but recently-emerged video footage shows police forcing him onto the ground and kneeling on his back.
  • At a Times Square protest over the Prude killing, a car drove through a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters, causing multiple injuries. The car was a former police car purchased at......
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Teachers Prepare for Strike + City Council Backtracks on Chokeholds


  • The New York City teachers union is preparing for a strike to protest the City’s plan to reopen in-person schooling. Educators say they haven’t had time to properly plan a safe reopening, and face staffing shortages and no clear plan from the Department of Education.
  • After pressure from the NYPD, the City Council is consideringamending a recently-passed law that bars the NYPD from using chokeholds. The proposed amendments would soften the ban on police applying pressure to someone’s diaphragm. 
  • The MTA announced that it may be forced to cut subway and bus service by 40 percent and commuter rail service by 50 percent if the federal government does not provide $12 billion in aid. 
  • Former Governor David Patterson’s lobbying effort to oppose taxing the wealthy quickly fell apart this week. A day after the group was announced, some of the advocacy organizations that initially joined dropped out, saying that they were......
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Industry City Plan Moves Closer to Approval + Absentees for All in November

Local News:

  • The City Planning Commission voted 11-1 in favor of the Industry City rezoning in Sunset Park. Industry City executives now plan to present their case to the City Council in the final phase of the approval process. Incoming Assembly Member Marcela Mitaynes (District 51, Sunset Park) penned an op-ed opposing the plan.
  • The NYPD has been withholding crucial evidence and undermining investigations of alleged abuse.
  • Governor Cuomo has delayed New York’s Coastal Resilience Bill until 2021. The decision has been criticized by legislators and activists who fear delayed action could increase costs in the long run.
  • There are 14,500 pending eviction warrants, and an additional 200,000 pending cases, all from before the onset of the pandemic, set to resume when the eviction moratorium ends in October. In addition, it is estimated that more than 1/4 of the City’s renters were unable......
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