DSA City Council Candidates attacked by Republican PAC + Final Week of Canvassing!

Local News

  • State Senator Diane Savino (District 23, Staten Island/Brooklyn) has withdrawn her attempt to pass a bill, supported by Uber and Lyft, that would provide gig workers with a “union” without classifying them as employees. She intends to try again next year.
  • New York City’s municipal unions are shifting 200,000 retirees from Medicare to the privatized Medicare Advantage program as a means of cutting costs and improving their position in bargaining future contracts with the City.
  • The City’s Law Department suffered a serious hack, potentially compromising the privacy of municipal employees and confidential court documents.
  • Despite pressure from progressives, The New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and criminal justice reform activists, Democrats confirmed “tough on crime” Cuomo ally Madeline Singas, who withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense in a 1999 case, to New York’s Court of Appeals.
  • The NYPD’s use......
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AOC Endorses Maya Wiley + NYCHA’s Blueprint for Change Shelved

Local News

  • A group of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) tenant organizers beat back the “Blueprint for Change” plan for New York City public housing, which would pay for much needed repairs in NYCHA without federal funds, but which some organizers see as veering too close to privatizing NYCHA.
  • Opposition is growing to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Court of Appeals nominee Madeline Singas.
  • A New York State Appellate Court ruled that the city can begin moving men experiencing homelessness out of the Lucerne Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side after a months-long legal battle. However, housing activists claimed victory because the time and attention gained by the prolonged court case led to permanent housing, jobs, and visibility for many of the hotel’s residents.


  • Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) endorsed Maya Wiley for New York City mayor. Maya Wiley received a......
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Trouble for the Morales Campaign + Manhattan DA Race Heats Up

Local News

  • State Democrats and unions are divided over a bill that would give gig workers collective bargaining rights, but would not allow the workers to strike and would drop some minimum state and local protections regarding pay, paid leave and unemployment insurance the workers have now. 

  • Applications for the state’s new Emergency Rental Assistance Program will open Tuesday, June 1st after the first attempt at Covid rent relief proved so confusing that most of the money went unspent.

  • Governor Cuomo made two picks to fill open seats on New York’s Court of Appeals, ignoring more qualified candidates to appoint a political ally and career prosecutor, Madeline Singas.

  • The City Council passed a bill to expand a voucher program that would enable New Yorkers experiencing homelessness to afford substantially more market rate housing, but a last minute change......

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Ramos Challenges Sectoral Bargaining Deal for Gig Workers + More Endorsements

Local News

  • Centrist Democrats, labor unions, and gig economy companies are working out a compromise bill that would allow gig workers to “unionize” but still not be able to strike or be considered employees. State Senate Labor Committee Chair Jessica Ramos (District 13 - Queens) made a statement that appeared to challenge the current plan.
  • New York State Attorney General Letitia James proposed new legislation that would impose stricter use-of-force guidelines on police throughout the state. The AG’s office has had jurisdiction over police killings since Governor Cuomo issued an executive order in 2015, but has secured no convictions in that time.
  • The Department of Homeless Services will hire 112 new temporary workers to track homelessness on the subways as the MTA resumes 24-hour service, alarming some advocates who worry that the move portends homeless sweeps.
  • Five of the top eight leading mayoral candidates......
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NYC Pride Bans NYPD Presence + Good Cause Eviction Explainer

Local News

  • NYC Pride has banned the NYPD and other law-enforcement groups from its parade through 2025, and says it will hire private security instead. Individual officers who show up in uniform will be allowed to march.
  • According to the Governor’s office, over half of the adults in New York are now fully vaccinated.  
  • Thousands of people rallied in support of Palestinian liberation on Saturday in Bay Ridge.
  • The City Correction Commissioner announced her resignation on the same day as a report from a federal monitoring agency cited a “pervasive level of disorder and chaos” in the department. Use of force rates against inmates at New York City jails are at a five year high.


  • The first mayoral primary debate happened, and basically nobody said anything interesting.
  • The MTA’s leadership made an unofficial endorsement of the several......
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