Housing Justice for All Gains Support + De Blasio Covers Up Car Crash

Local News

  • Many of the State’s most powerful unions—even some that rarely cross the Governor—publicly came out in support of the Housing Justice for All platform to pass nine bills that expand New York’s rent regulations next month.
  • Building contractors protested at a state Senate hearing on rent reform, expressing concern that eliminating rent increases for Major Capital Improvements, one of the major planks of the Housing Justice for All campaign, will cut down on their business from landlords.
  • A Daily News investigation revealed that the Mayor and the NYPD covered up a 2015 incident where his motorcade sped the wrong way down a local street and crashed into a truck.
  • In an official press conference that looked awfully like a presidential campaign rally, Mayor de Blasio advertised the City’s recently passed environmental regulations on buildings by highlighting the steep fines that the......
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Drivers on Strike + Get Your Thorn Trivia Night tickets!

Local News

  • State Senator Julia Salazar (District 18, North Brooklyn) wrote an op-ed for the Daily News framing rent control as a way to improve education outcomes, citing data that show that students who are frequently displaced from their homes do more poorly in school than those with stable housing.
  • Uber and Lyft drivers in New York City went on strike for two hours Wednesday, during the morning rush hour, as part of a nationwide action against the companies ahead of Uber’s IPO.
  • Transport Workers Union members pushed back against accusations from the MTA’’s leadership of workers fraudulently collecting overtime pay. Gov. Cuomo defended the MTA’s decision to use armed transit police officers to monitor LIRR employees.
  • Bronx Council Member Ruben Diaz Sr., whose committee was dissolved after homophobic comments earlier this year, declared that he wouldn’t report colleagues for sexual......
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Rent Regulation Battle Heating Up + Queens DA Brown Dies

Local News

  • Over 100 New Yorkers lined up to testify about rent laws at an Assembly hearing in Manhattan. The fight to expand New York State’s rent regulation laws continues to heat up ahead of their June 15 expiration, including a major May 14 rally planned in both Albany and New York City.
  • Momentum may be slowing to pass the New York Health Act. Several state legislators who campaigned in support of the bill are walking back their formerly “full-throated” backing of the legislation, likely cowering to pressure from Cuomo and industry. Some unions, including the UFT, have been acting at the behest of industry coalitions to try and kill single payer in New York State.
  • Lyft and Juno’s attempt to block the City’s mandatory driver minimum wage rule failed in State court. App-based rideshare drivers are planning to strike and hold a......
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Albany Fights Over Rent Control + The Secret Lists of Lying Cops

Local News

  • The State legislature is currently considering nine different bills addressing the expiration of New York’s rent laws this year. The State Assembly will be holding public hearings on the issue this week in Manhattan.
  • Public defenders and criminal justice advocates want New York City DAs to make public their list of police officers with credibility problems. The Philadelphia DA’s office made public a similar list last year. Tiffany Cabán and two other candidates in this year’s Queens DA race have pledged to release the list if elected.
  • The City is considering a plan to demolish two NYCHA buildings and replace them with private developments to meet budget shortfalls.
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio released a revised budget plan, ahead of the July 1st start of the City’s new fiscal year. Like the plan de Blasio released in February, this one includes few......
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Climate Mobilization Act Passes + Jumaane endorses in District 45

Local News:

The New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act on Thursday, which will keep the city in line with emissions reductions targets in the Paris Climate Agreement and reduce the Ccity’s overall emissions by 40% by 2030.

In a victory for local immigrant justice activists, the New York State Office of Court Administration announced that it would not allow ICE to make arrests in courts without judicial warrants, reversing their position after years of sustained pressure from advocates. However, ICE agents still can make warrantless arrests outside the courts.

Cuomo’s planned “slowdown” of the L Train is set to begin this Friday, but many questions still surround the project, concerning safety, contract approval, and changes to bus routes.

Workers at seven Key Food locations across Brooklyn and Long Island have been locked out since April 6th, after management cancelled contract negotiations.

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