Rent Control Victory + Judicial Elections Explainer

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  • The State passed a major tenant protection bill that ends vacancy deregulation of rent stabilized units, significantly decreases the ability of landlords to raise rents after making capital improvements on rent regulated apartments, legalizes rent control outside of New York City, and more. The bill includes some protections for market rate tenants as well.
  • New York’s real estate industry is “in shock” after experiencing its first serious legislative defeat in a generation. They are threatening to sue the state, and banks that derive profits from financing landlords who deregulate stabilized units are already reporting losses.
  • The final renter protection compromise did not contain the most radical proposal that housing activists had been pushing: State Senator Julia Salazar’s Good Cause Eviction bill, which would have extended significant protections to unstabilized units. Housing activists intend to fight for this proposal and other......
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Senate Democrats Announce Agreement on Rent Laws + DecrimNY Bill to be Introduced

Local News

  • After an intense week of protests, including 61 arrests at the State Capitol, Senate Democrats claim to have achieved consensus on “all nine bills” of the universal rent control platform. State Senator Julia Salazar (District 18, North Brooklyn) and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams appeared on WNYC to advocate and explain the bills.
  • Before the consensus was announced, the State Senate was mulling several proposals that would have significantly watered down the bills, especially the crucial “good cause eviction” bill.
  • As a result of a constitutional challenge brought by activists and the Legal Aid Society, the NYPD has amended its patrol guide to prohibit officers from profiling trans people for a prostitution-related loitering misdemeanor.
  • State Senator Julia Salazar (District 18, North Brooklyn) and Assembly Member Richard Gottfried (District 75, Chelsea) are introducing a comprehensive bill to decriminalize prostitution in New York......
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Studying Racial Impact in Rezonings + Queens DA Race Donations

Local News

  • Public Advocate Jumaane Williams introduced a City Council bill that would require “racial impact” studies before a rezoning a neighborhood.
  • As the rent law fight enters its final weeks, the State Senate has yet to come out with a unified position on the package of bills known as Universal Rent Control; housing activists worry that a lack of unity across the Senate and Assembly will open up room for Cuomo to negotiate the final form of the bills, with likely detrimental effects.
  • The developer of Liberty View Industrial Plaza in Sunset Park is trying to back out of a deal he made with the city requiring that he dedicate the majority of the development to manufacturing tenants in exchange for tax breaks.
  • While the New York State Democratic Party voted unanimously to move the party registration deadline up to 60 days before......
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Predatory Lending Ruins Taxi Drivers + AOC Endorses Cabán

Local News

  • The NY Times exposed the predatory loan industry that surrounds NYC taxi drivers. In the wake of the expose, NY Attorney General Tish James opened an investigation of abusive lending by banks and credit unions who financed the taxi medallion bubble to the ruination of immigrant cabbies.
  • A state appellate court struck down a law that prohibits farm workers from organizing and collectively bargaining with their employers.
  • The Alliance for Rental Excellence in NY, real estate group representing landlord interests, has hired a lobbying firm started by Andrew Cuomo’s former campaign manager.
  • Jumaane Williams wrote an op-ed for the Daily News arguing for expunging the records of those with marijuana charges, admitting that he himself sold the drug growing up.
  • The NY Senate and Assembly held a second joint public hearing on Friday to address sexual harassment in the workplace,......
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Housing Justice for All Gains Support + De Blasio Covers Up Car Crash

Local News

  • Many of the State’s most powerful unions—even some that rarely cross the Governor—publicly came out in support of the Housing Justice for All platform to pass nine bills that expand New York’s rent regulations next month.
  • Building contractors protested at a state Senate hearing on rent reform, expressing concern that eliminating rent increases for Major Capital Improvements, one of the major planks of the Housing Justice for All campaign, will cut down on their business from landlords.
  • A Daily News investigation revealed that the Mayor and the NYPD covered up a 2015 incident where his motorcade sped the wrong way down a local street and crashed into a truck.
  • In an official press conference that looked awfully like a presidential campaign rally, Mayor de Blasio advertised the City’s recently passed environmental regulations on buildings by highlighting the steep fines that the......
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