Tentatively Great Election for DSA and NYC Left + City Hall Park Occupied


  • With tens of thousand potential absentee votes still uncounted in every district, results from many of Tuesday’s primaries will not be clear until July. But in-person results showed decisive leads for NYC-DSA endorsed incumbents, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Astoria) and State Sen. Julia Salazar (D-Bushwick), as well as encouraging news for the rest of the DSA slate and NYC’s broader progressive left.

  • Jabari Brisport leads Tremaine Wright the State Senate District 25 (Central Brooklyn) by nearly 3,000 votes, and Zohran Mamdani leads Aravella Simotas in Assembly District 36 (Astoria) by nearly 600. Marcela Mitaynes trails incumbent Felix Ortiz in Assembly District 51 (Sunset Park) by only 464 votes, where it appears that the presence of multiple progressive spoilers prevented what could have been a decisive victory against Ortiz. Phara Souffrant Forrest trails incumbent Walter Mosley in Assembly District 57 (Clinton Hill) by 588 votes.

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De Blasio & Johnson Fund the Police + Absentee Ballots Delayed

Local News:

  • After City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and other members of the Council announced their intention to seek $1 billion in NYPD budget cuts in June, the budget passed last week relied on bookkeeping “gimmicks” that did not, even according to Johnson, reach that goal. The main “cut” to the NYPD was supposed to be moving 5,511 school safety officers from the police department to the Department of Education, but they will remain NYPD employees for at least a year. Protesters and activists, who had occupied City Hall prior to the Council vote on the budget, called the compromise a betrayal
  • In addition to the fight to defund the NYPD, the Council’s budget process was historically divided. The City faces major cuts due to the coronavirus crisis, including big cuts to affordable housing plans in the City’s Department of......
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Primary Elections Roundup + RGB passes rent freeze

DSA Races:

  • The Real Deal outlines the primaries most closely watched by the real estate industry, which include the full NYC-DSA slate plus Assembly Member Diana Richardson’s primary against Jesse Hamilton.

  • City & State covered the dynamics in the three way race for State Senate District 25. 

  • NYC-DSA endorsees Jabari Brisport and Samelys López were interviewed by the New Yorker as part of a look at leftist challengers to Democrats in tomorrow’s primaries.

  • The Indypendent’s coverage of the primaries includes a summary of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee’s spending, and interviews with DSA-endorsees Phara Souffrant Forrest, Zohran Mamdani, Marcela Mitaynes, and Samelys López.

Other Elections: 

  • The Intercept highlights several competitive down ballot races, including 10 local assembly races.

  • The Brooklyn Democratic Party endorsed every incumbent......

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50-A Repealed + Myrie Pushes to Outlaw Geofence Warrants

Local News:

  • After weeks of protests against police brutality, Gov. Cuomo signed a package of police reform bills including one outlawing police chokeholds (which have been against NYPD regulations since 1993) and another to repeal “50-a”, the section of New York law that kept police disciplinary records from the public.
  • The Intercept and the New Yorker spoke to progressives in State and City politics who are voicing their anger at Mayor De Blasio’s handling of the police throughout his tenure.
  • Hundreds of Mayor De Blasio’s current and former staffers protested his continued defense of the NYPD and his poor record on issues of racial justice.
  • The Civilian Complaint Review Board, which has not conducted in-person interviews with police officers since March, wants to resume such interviews this month via Webex, but the police unions are refusing to cooperate.
  • Amid calls to “defund the......
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Protests Continue Despite Police Violence, Curfew + Progressives Unite Against Eliot Engel

Local News

  • Protests inspired by the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor continued into their second week in New York City. Mayor Bill De Blasio imposed an 11pm curfew on Monday night (later moved up to 8pm), leading to indiscriminate arrests, including of essential workers who were exempt from the curfew, and violence against protesters. Two NYPD officers so far have been charged with assault, and the Manhattan DA has declined to prosecute many of those arrested. After protesters defied the curfew and a group of civil rights organizations threatened a lawsuit, the Mayor dropped the curfew one day early.
  • Current and former De Blasio staffers penned an open letter to the Mayor regarding his poor response to the recent protests. They also planned a protest at Gracie Mansion scheduled for this morning. The letter......
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