Police Violence Escalates + Bernie Endorses Jabari

Local News

  • Protests erupted at the Barclays Center and throughout New York in response to the police killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. The NYPD response included beating protesters, firing pepper spray, and attacking them with moving vehicles. State Senator Zellnor Myrie and Assemblymember Diana Richardson were among those pepper sprayed. The NYPD tried to commandeer city buses to transport protesters to jail, but bus drivers refused, with the support of the Transit Workers Union.
  • The Mayor defended the NYPD officers who drove their SUVs into protesters, provoking widespread condemnation
  • New York City will begin Phase One of its reopening plan on June 8th. Phase One includes resumed work in wholesale business, construction, manufacturing, and curbside retail. About 400,000 New Yorkers are scheduled to return to work, but the Mayor admitted that concerns about public transportation,......
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Calls to Cut NYPD Budget + Presidential Primary Survives Court Appeal

Local News

  • While virtually every citywide agency faces major budget cuts in the Mayor’s latest proposal, the NYPD’s budget remains relatively unchanged. Meanwhile, criminal justice reform advocates have proposed cutting $1 billion from the police budget.
  • The State Senate will finally reconvene this week, after several months of allowing Governor Cuomo’s emergency measures to stand unchecked.
  • New York City Housing Court has begun virtual conferences to clear the backlog of cases that has piled up during the Covid-19 crisis, with many housing activists worrying that this is a prelude to mass evictions once the statewide moratorium is lifted.
  • The City’s statistics on coronavirus deaths by neighborhood reveal predictable race and class divides among the casualties of the health crisis.
  • A bill to create a WPA-like jobs program in New York State to bolster arts and culture was introduced by Assembly Member Pat......
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Subway Closures Overwhelm Shelters + Marcela Mitaynes Interview

Local News:

  • A City Council bill that would provide single hotel rooms to homeless New Yorkers was called “reckless” by the Department of Social Services. The comments came after The City and New York Post published photos of overcrowded sleeping conditions near homeless shelters after the subways began to expel people at 2 a.m.
  • New York’s response to the Covid-19 disaster was marred by missteps from Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio, and exacerbated by the notoriously poor working relationship between the two men, according to a report by ProPublica.
  • Multiple police unions are pressuring Mayor De Blasio to fire the City’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, over a comment she made in March in response to NYPD officers demanding more masks. The pressure comes amid a growing rift between De Blasio and the City’s Health Department, with the Mayor increasingly relying on......
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Eviction Moratorium Extended with Limitations + Jabari Brisport Interview

Local News:

  • Governor Cuomo announced an extension to the eviction moratorium in place across the state, making it effective through August. The extension only applies to tenants whose income was impacted by Covid-19, meaning that some evictions could be initiated after the current moratorium ends on June 20. In another half measure, he also announced that tenants could use security deposits to cover rent, but that the deposit must be repaid within 90 days.
  • After the federal government authorized additional funding for schools in high poverty neighborhoods as part of a Covid-19 relief package, Governor Cuomo cut the state education budget by exactly the same amount, leaving poorer school districts, including New York City’s, to face cuts.
  • The Brooklyn DA’s office released the first information on the NYPD’s enforcement of social distancing, with African-Americans making up 35 of the first 40 arrests. There are......
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May Day Rent Strike + Phara Souffrant Forrest Interview

Local News

  • May 1st marked the start of a rent strike in New York, part of a nationwide movement by renters to resist eviction during the economic fallout from Covid-19. In New York City, over 12,000 renters have pledged to withhold rent this month, and specific landlords are being targeted by housing activists.
  • The MTA is suspending overnight subway service for only the third time in the subway’s history, leaving many commuters stranded. Critics see this a potential precursor to more subway cuts, or another excuse to arrest homeless people on the subway.
  • De Blasio committed to opening up 100 miles of NYC streets for recreation during Covid-19, in addition to “expanding sidewalks” and creating temporary bike lanes.
  • Although the City’s Department of Homeless Services announced it had met its initial goal of moving 6,000 homeless New Yorkers out......
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