Cuomo Keeps it Divisive & Former IDC Members Contemplate Their Futures

Local News:

  • Gov. Cuomo is already indicating how he will pit Long Island/Upstate Democrats against the City should Democrats take control of the New York Senate next year.

  • Mayor De Blasio criticized ex-Mayor Bloomberg’s apparent plans to run for President as a Democrat in 2020.

  • The City’s competing Charter Revision Commissions, and a lack of a publicity campaign from the Mayor’s office, have led to confusion about what aspects of the revision process will be on the ballot next month.

  • The Working Families Party’s decision to replace Cynthia Nixon with Andrew Cuomo as its gubernatorial candidate has brought scrutiny to New York’s fusion voting system.

  • Despite the announcement earlier this year that Central Park will be now be “car-free,” placard abuse by cops and other City employees has continued to endanger cyclists and pedestrians......

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Kavanaugh Protests + Cuomo Accepts WFP Endorsement

Local News

  • NYC-DSA worked in coalition with a dozen other groups to organize a direct action in protest of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation proceedings.
  • Opposition to new jail sites in the Bronx, which are part of the plan to close Rikers, comes from many opposed to any new jails at all.
  • Advocates for people with disabilities and MTA lawyers didn’t reach an agreement after spending more than an hour trying to settle a lawsuit to get the authority to build more elevators and take other steps to improve access to the subway.
  • Since Trump took office, ICE agents have made hundreds of arrests of undocumented immigrants in and around New York’s courthouses. On Thursday October 11, NYC-DSA’s Immigration Justice Working Group is holding a speak out and petition drop to call on Chief Judge Janet DiFiore to take action to remove ICE’s......
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Stringer Fumbles Key Housing Data + Lancman Announces DA Run

Local News:

  • Comptroller Scott Stringer’s office issued a report on the City’s loss of affordable housing, initially calculating that between 2005 and 2017 the city lost 1.069 million apartments renting for under $900. Stringer later admitted that this was a calculation error, and and that the correct number is 425,492.
  • A new nonprofit local news website called The City will begin publishing this January, with help from New York Magazine.
  • A coalition of community groups, working with Council Members Antonio Reynoso (District 34, North Brooklyn) and Rafael Espinal (District 37, Central Brooklyn), released the Bushwick Community Plan in an attempt to guide the terms of an upcoming rezoning plan for the area and limit overdevelopment. The plan is not without its critics, including a number of anti-gentrification groups who feel the plan will be inadequate in protecting existing residents from displacement.
  • Despite......
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Post-Primary Jockeying on Rent Control, Congestion Pricing + Salazar and Nixon Retrospectives

Local News:

  • With the Democratic primary over, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo are suggesting a temporary detente, in an attempt to work together to flip Republican-held seats in the State Senate and US Congress. However, Democratic candidates in flippable congressional districts have not yet received any substantial help from the governor.
  • Landlords and charter school advocates are scrambling to maintain their interests given significant progressive gains in September’s Democratic primary and the potential of Democrats flipping the State Senate this November.
  • A bill that could bring aspects of commercial rent control to NYC will go before a City Council hearing in October, potentially pitting Speaker Corey Johnson (who supports the bill) against the Mayor (who opposes it).
  • Signal problems continue to plague the subway, as the Riders Alliance released a report showing that in August trains were delayed for every......
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Julia Salazar Wins + Voter Turnout Stats


  • DSA-endorsee Julia Salazar won the Democratic primary in New York State Senate District 18 on Thursday, defeating eight-term incumbent Martin Dilan, even after Dilan received a surge of illicit, last-minute donations from the real estate lobby. Salazar, who made DSA priorities housing affordability and universal health care the centerpieces of her campaign, will not face an opponent in the general election.
  • The New Yorker covered DSA-member Julia Salazar’s victory and attributed it to NYC-DSA’s growing power in the City’s politics. Martin Dilan’s former spokesperson said essentially the same.
  • 1.5 million votes were cast on Tuesday, more than double the turnout of the last gubernatorial primary in 2014. Even with that surge, the turnout represented only about 23% of eligible voters.
  • Gothamist has a breakdown of how Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon performed in the five boroughs.
  • Six of the eight......
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