AOC Opposes Mayor's Rikers Plan + DSA-Endorsed Phara Souffrant-Forrest "Doesn't Think Anyone Should Be Paying Rent"

Local News:

  • AOC announced her opposition to the Mayor’s plan to replace Rikers, ahead of scheduled meetings with the No New Jails coalition.

  • District Council 37’s Local 95 announced a deal on Thursday that would bring teachers’ pay in privately-run, publicly-funded Head Start programs up to the same levels as public school teachers. 

  • Advocates and policymakers are calling for reform at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). ACS conducts investigations into child abuse and neglect and has the power to remove children from their parent’s home. Black and Latinx families are disproportionately under investigation.

  • The Economic Development Corporation, the quasi-public agency that operates the city’s ferry system, has released figures revealing that 64 percent of ferry riders are white, with a median income between $75,000 and $100,000. By comparison, an estimated two-thirds of subway riders......

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NYC-DSA Makes Four Endorsements + Cuomo Extends Party Affiliation Deadline

Local News

  • The MTA’s decision to hire 500 new police officers will increase the agency’s operating budget deficit by roughly 35% over the next four years.
  • A New York state Supreme Court judge has ordered the New York Police Department to release fare evasion data for each subway station in the city. Under a 2017 law, the NYPD is required to release reports on fare evasion arrests and summonses broken down by age, race, gender, but the department stalled its release of the data, missing several deadlines.
  • The NYPD and FDNY conducted a pilot program in Staten Island, where some 911 calls were routed to mental health professionals.
  • The Community Education Council in School District 16 (Bed-Stuy) called for the elimination of its current gifted program and the adoption of the recommendations made last month by the School Diversity Advisory Group.
  • Despite previously stating......
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Thousands March in Climate Strike + AOC Will Face Primary Challenger

Local News

  • An estimated 250,000 New Yorkers, including many schoolchildren, took to the streets on Friday for the climate strike. New York City public schools excused absences for students who chose to demonstrate.
  • The fourth Sunnyside Yard public meeting organized by the city’s Economic Development Corporation was disrupted by protesters organized by the Coalition to Stop Sunnyside Yards. Protesters and organizers from groups including Stop REBNY Bullies and Queens Neighborhoods United fear the development will value developers’ desires over those of the community, resulting in displacement, much like Hudson Yards or Atlantic Yards.
  • Council Member Carlos Menchaca (Sunset Park) walked out of a town hall he convened regarding long-delayed plans to rezone Industry City after protesters jeered at his presentation.
  • On Tuesday hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers conducted a “slow vehicle procession” toward Gracie Mansion, causing significant traffic on the Brooklyn......
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MTA Adding 500 More Cops + Fusion Voting & Public Campaign Financing Debated

Local News

  • Brooklyn Eagle polled all 51 Council Members for their views on the Mayor’s plan to replace Rikers with four smaller jails and found that the plan will likely pass thanks to City Hall conceding reduced sizes for all four new sites.
  • The de Blasio administration is putting another $43 million into the city’s lightly-used ferry system. The ferries carry only 18,000 passengers a day. Some, including Comptroller Scott Stringer, say this money could be better invested in the bus or bike system.
  • The City Council is planning to repeal a two-year old ban on conversion therapy. The move comes after an anti-LGBTQ hate group based in Arizona filed a lawsuit challenging the ban’s legality. Rather than take the risk of having the courts weigh in, the Council will rely on state law, which will allow for adults in the city to undergo conversion......
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Con Ed Feels the Heat + Cuomo Proposes Primary Day Shift


  • The State Legislature and City Council held dueling hearings that grilled Con Edison leadership for their power failures this summer, and legislators pondered proposals for government intervention that would threaten Con Ed’s monopoly and/or carry out a public takeover of the electric utility.
  • Crime continued to fall, as did arrests for low-level misdemeanors, during the recent NYPD slowdown.
  • Union density in New York City dropped to 21.8% this year, the City’s lowest rate of unionization since 2012.
  • Andrew Cuomo has hired the former assistant counsel to the New York State Senate Republicans to oversee the budget process.
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will propose a version of State Senator Julia Salazar’s good cause eviction bill to the US Congress, in addition to other tenant protection bills.
  • Following a pressure campaign from local healthcare activists, Brooklyn Representative and potential future House Speaker......
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