Democrats take State Senate + Reactions to Amazon


  • As many as 40 Democrats were elected to the State Senate on Tuesday, decisively flipping the body to have its largest Democratic majority since 1912. Some highlights from this wave included a decimation of Long Island Republicans, Andrew Gounardes’ apparent defeat of Marty Golden in Southern Brooklyn (Golden has yet to concede), and other victories in the Hudson Valley.

  • With Tuesday’s results, a progressive agenda has a more clear path forward and could include major reforms to the State’s rent laws, healthcare, energy, criminal justice system, voting apparatus, and more. However, Governor Cuomo could quickly pivot to pressure some newly-elected Democratic Senators, several of whom he campaigned for, to fall in line with his moderate policy priorities.

  • All three ballot initiatives in NYC – to lower the amount of campaign finance contributions one candidate can receive, to......

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  • Politico released a map breaking down all of the competitive State Senate races across New York. According to their analysis, Democrats have a chance to pick up as many as ten seats on Tuesday, but given the lack of reliable polling in any of the races there’s limited ability to make clear predictions. Just one net gain would theoretically give Democrats control of the State Senate. The one competitive race in NYC is District 22 (Southern Brooklyn), where Democrat Andrew Gounardes is challenging incumbent Republican Marty Golden. The other seats in play are spread across Long Island, Hudson Valley, and the Syracuse area.

  • Joe Crowley insisted that he is not behind the flyers that have recently appeared in Queens, encouraging voters to elect him over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Crowley’s name will still appear on the ballot under the Working Families Party and......

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2019 Races Get Underway + Fusion Balloting

Local News:

  • Nearly 3,000 police body cameras were pulled from the streets last week after one of them exploded and “burst into flames” while being worn by an officer on Staten Island. The NYPD has planned to outfit all of its officers with cameras by the end of 2019.
  • After the wave of bombs sent to top Democratic politicians, Gov. Cuomo claimed his office received a “suspicious package.” But, according to the NYPD, it was not a bomb and it was unrelated.
  • A new lawsuit accuses the Manhattan DA’s office of maintaining a list of police officers with poor misconduct histories and refusing to release it to the general public. If this list were made public, it could give defense attorneys more leverage in negotiating plea deals for their clients.
  • The fall of the IDC and further Democratic gains in the State Senate this November......
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The Rise and Fall of De Blasio & NY Health Act Gains Momentum

Local News:

  • Politico outlined Mayor de Blasio’s embarrassing and self-sabotaging attempts to become a national progressive leader during his first term as mayor.
  • The Right to Know Act, one of the most significant pieces of police reform legislation in recent memory, went into effect on Friday. However, there are concerns from advocates about the Mayor and NYPD’s seriousness in complying with its directives, which were already watered down by the City Council in late 2017.
  • The Mayor’s plans to replace the boilers and upgrade heating systems in NYCHA buildings is behind schedule, with some in the De Blasio Administration blaming the HUD Department for the delay. Last year over 300,000 NYCHA residents lost heat during the winter.
  • The number of homeless children in New York City schools continues to increase, now reaching 114,659, or about 1 in 10 students.
  • Gothamist has mapped NYC......
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Cuomo Keeps it Divisive & Former IDC Members Contemplate Their Futures

Local News:

  • Gov. Cuomo is already indicating how he will pit Long Island/Upstate Democrats against the City should Democrats take control of the New York Senate next year.

  • Mayor De Blasio criticized ex-Mayor Bloomberg’s apparent plans to run for President as a Democrat in 2020.

  • The City’s competing Charter Revision Commissions, and a lack of a publicity campaign from the Mayor’s office, have led to confusion about what aspects of the revision process will be on the ballot next month.

  • The Working Families Party’s decision to replace Cynthia Nixon with Andrew Cuomo as its gubernatorial candidate has brought scrutiny to New York’s fusion voting system.

  • Despite the announcement earlier this year that Central Park will be now be “car-free,” placard abuse by cops and other City employees has continued to endanger cyclists and pedestrians......

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