State Senate Dems Secure Supermajority + WFP Announces City Council Endorsements

Local News

  • NY State Senate Democrats have secured the 42 seats needed for a veto-proof supermajority. The new political landscape gives state Democrats the power to override the Governor’s veto, potentially allowing them to implement legislation such as marijuana legalization, increased taxes on the wealthy, rent cancellation, and an eviction moratorium. It will also give Democrats control over the upcoming redistricting process.
  • With Republicans losing influence in the New York State Senate, many of them are going to work for Andrew Cuomo in the Governor’s office.
  • The first tenant was (legally) evicted in New York City since the pandemic started.
  • NYC public elementary schools will reopen for in person learning and abandon the hybrid learning model.
  • The US Supreme Court intervened to side with the religious communities who claimed that Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order limiting congregation sizes in COVID hot spots is......
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NYC Schools Close + NY State Dems Continue Electoral Wins

Local News

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that public schools would shut down in-person schooling from November 19 through Thanksgiving. Dozens of protestors gathered outside City Hall to demand that de Blasio reopen schools, which are relatively unlikely to spread COVID-19, especially compared to restaurants and bars, which remain open. 
  • The MTA is seeking a $3 billion loan from the Federal Reserve to cover its 2021 budget gap. Without the loan or a significant increase in state taxes, the agency is reportedly considering massive cuts to balance their 2021 budget, including a 40% reduction in subway service and laying off more than 9,000 transit workers. 
  • While the City continues to face a multibillion-dollar budget deficit without a federal bailout or increased revenue from the State, Mayor de Blasio and Comptroller Scott Stringer identified $840 million in unexpected tax revenue, mildly improving budget prospects.
  • ......
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NYC-DSA Announces City Council Slate + City Fears Second COVID-19 Spike

Local News

  • New York City’s COVID 19 infection rate has risen above two percent, the highest since May and more than double the rate in mid-September. The rising numbers have many fearful of a second wave.
  • Only 15,000 of the nearly 100,000 applicants to New York’s COVID Rent Relief Program met the State’s strict requirements for approval. Over half of the $100 million set aside for the program by the State Legislature from the CARES Act remains unspent.
  • Tenant union organizers have been coordinating so-called “stoop courts” to show solidarity with tenants facing harassment and illegal evictions from their landlords during the pandemic.
  • The Civilian Complaint Review Board is seeking the authority to investigate sexual misconduct allegations against police officers.
  • Mayor de Blasio announced a pilot program that would establish non-police response teams to respond to mental health emergency......
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NYC-DSA slate members sweep their races + Working Families Party retains ballot access


  • The NYC-DSA slate members who won primaries in June were all officially elected in their general elections. State Senator-elect Jabari Brisport talks about teaching during a pandemic in City & State.
  • The Working Families Party appears to have received enough support in New York to remain on the ballot. (The Conservative Party was the only other minor party to survive the newly raised vote threshold.)
  • While New York was called for Joe Biden early on Tuesday night, no absentee or early votes have been counted yet, meaning many races are still in doubt and early maps of voting patterns are based only on the in-person votes. In New York’s Congressional races, attempts by Democrats to pick up two Republican-held seats in Suffolk County appear to have fallen short, pending the mail-in vote results, while incumbent Democrats Tom Suozzi......
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The Election Is Tomorrow


  • New York’s in-person early voting period ended yesterday, with over 1 million ballots cast in New York City, and more than 2.2 million across the State. The New York City Board of Elections, an agency notorious for problems, did not seem adequately prepared for the high volume, leading to complaints of long lines and insufficient sites. Hours were extended and at least one site was added in Manhattan, but calls to reform the Board abounded.
  • Democratic lawmakers could win veto-proof supermajorities in both chambers this election cycle. The State Senate could hinge on five key races.
  • Melissa DeRosa, a high-ranking member of the Cuomo Administration, posted an illegal photo of her ballot on Instagram and encouraged voters not to vote on the Working Families Party line. It is a misdemeanor to show a completed ballot to anyone......
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