New York Health Act Financially Sound + Jumaane’s Challenge Leaves Hochul Shook

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Local News:

  • A new study by the RAND Corporation has determined that the New York Health Act (NYHA) would likely be financially feasible and lead to long-term healthcare spending savings across the State. NYHA would establish a single-payer healthcare system in New York State.

  • Governor Cuomo announced that recreational marijuana legalization would be considered in an upcoming legislative session. He timed the announcement to distract from bad press about corruption, following a trend. Manhattan DA Cy Vance, who said in May that his office would stop prosecuting nearly all marijuana cases, claims the policy is now in effect.

  • The Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), an independent police accountability commission that has virtually no capacity to enforce disciplinary recommendations, is lobbying to include an expansion of the board’s powers as part of the City’s charter revisions. The Mayor’s commission is due to put out its final report and proposed ballot measures for this year’s general election in early September, while a second commission plans to release its own proposals in time for next year’s election.

  • NYPD is refusing to comply with a law passed by City Council that requires the release of demographic data related to fare evasion arrests, which would likely reveal racist enforcement patterns.

  • In accordance with a federal HUD order, smoking indoors in NYCHA buildings is now banned. Enforcement of this ban could lead to eviction.

  • As they did successfully in 2015 when similar regulation was on the table, Uber and Lyft are going on an all-out offensive to convince the City Council to kill a ride share cap. Uber is reported to have called customers directly to get them to lobby their Council Members by saying “I support Uber” and hanging up.

  • Documents obtained from the Bronx DA’s office show how it has been systematically delaying prosecutions and undermining New York’s speedy trial law.

  • After Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez (District 10, Upper Manhattan) secured two key City Council votes to approve a rezoning in Inwood, community members organized large protests ahead of the final vote on August 8.

  • A white supremacist group unfurled a racist banner in Fort Tryon Park last weekend.


  • The NY Post editorial board is scared that Jumaane Williams will win this September’s Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor. The incumbent, Kathy Hochul, is aggressively campaigning for votes in NYC and attacking Williams in evident recognition of his strong challenge.

  • Cuomo accepted the endorsement of the Independence Party of New York and will appear on their ballot line this November. The Independence Party has also endorsed upstate Republican Congress Members that Cuomo claims to oppose.

  • A new poll showed a significant lead for Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon in September’s gubernatorial primary, but it may have under-sampled younger voters.

  • Two court cases brought by entrenched Democratic State Senate incumbents began in Kings County Supreme Court to try to throw their opponents off of the ballot. Martin Dilan (District 18, North Brooklyn) challenged Julia Salazar’s residency history, and Simcha Felder (District 17, Borough Park) challenged the legality of Blake Morris’ listed name.

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