New Push to Tax NY’s Rich + Billionaire Trying to Prevent Democratic Supermajority

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Local News:

  • While Cuomo has stalled efforts to close the looming budget deficit, state lawmakers have introduced a variety of bills that would increase taxes on the ultra-wealthy. Meanwhile, CUNY is facing severe budget cuts due to revenue shortfalls incurred by COVID and a refusal from Cuomo to raise new revenue.
  • Incoming and incumbent left-wing state legislators are pursuing rent cancellation and an eviction moratorium in an effort to prevent a homelessness crisis.
  • New York judges are posting higher partially secured bonds (PSBs) in an effort to further undermine 2019 bail reforms. Since the state rolled back the 2019 bail reforms, New York City’s pretrial detention population has increased by almost 16%.
  • Cuomo threatened to pull state funding for yeshivas that were noncompliant with COVID restrictions. The New York Times connected resistance to COVID guidelines in Brooklyn’s orthodox Jewish communities to Trump.
  • Governor Cuomo is reportedly being considered as a potential Attorney General pick should Joe Biden win the presidency this fall.
  • The City Council is poised to renew tax lien sales, a product of the Giuliani administration, for four more years. The program has been accused of perpetuating a cycle of apartment neglect and tenant abuse in low-income communities of color.
  • State Senator Julia Salazar (District 18, Bushwick) and incoming Assembly Member Emily Gallagher (District 50, Greenpoint) penned an op-ed opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure and advocating for public ownership of New York’s energy systems.
  • Activists spray painted “Eat the Landlords” on the doors of the Brooklyn Courthouse and locked it shut on Friday.
  • The New Yorker released a profile of Cuomo that detailed his beef with the Working Families Party and connections to the Independent Democratic Conference.
  • New York Focus, a new independent media outlet focusing on New York State politics, debuted last week with a piece on NYC-DSA’s electoral successes and the limitations of Cuomo’s climate benchmarks.


  • Ronald Lauder, a billionaire donor to a variety of right wing causes, has poured several million dollars into a campaign to support Republican State Senators in Long Island and Upstate swing districts. These districts will determine whether or not Democrats can net two more seats in the Senate and win a veto-proof supermajority that disempowers Governor Cuomo.
  • Council Member Barry Grodenchik (District 23, Eastern Queens) has announced he will not seek re-election after serving one-and-a-half terms on the council.
  • State Senator Brian Benjamin (District 30, Harlem) announced his candidacy for New York City Comptroller.
  • The NYS Board of Elections is hoping to train 51,000 poll workers by Election Day, a 150% increase from 2016, but appears to be behind schedule.
  • First Lady Chirlane McCray will not run for Brooklyn Borough President next year.
  • The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club hosted the first 2021 mayoral candidate forum. The event featured seven hopefuls via Zoom and was watched by approximately 1,200 people.

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