Julia Salazar gets Cynthia Nixon’s endorsement

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Local News:

  • New York City is accepting comments on proposed rules for a pilot program aimed at prohibiting tenant harassment by landlords. To comment on this and a host of other proposals being put forth, as well as view a schedule of upcoming hearings on new rules, visit the official NYC Rules website.
  • Supportive housing for homeless New Yorkers with mental illness or drug addictions has been successful for those who can get it, but the Coalition For the Homeless argues that the City’s screening process is leaving behind some the most vulnerable people, and is pushing for a City Council bill that would make the screening process more transparent.
  • In the face of so many wrongful convictions being overturned, the fate of a new bill that would create an independent state commission to hold prosecutors accountable lies in Cuomo’s hands, with many powerful DAs pushing him to veto it.
  • State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried plans to introduce a “workaround” bill aimed at the recent Janus Supreme Court decision, which would allow unions in NY to include collective bargaining costs in their contracts.
  • Andy Byford, who was once tapped to turn around the NYC subway system by Cuomo, can no longer get a meeting with him, according to the New Yorker Magazine. Cynthia Nixon took note.
  • Cuomo announced he will keep $64,000 of campaign contributions from Donald Trump, a tiny dent in his $30.5 million war chest.


  • DSA-endorsed candidate for the 18th State Senate District (Northern Brooklyn) Julia Salazar and gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon endorsed each other at a press conference in Maria Hernandez Park last monday.
  • Following Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez’s win, Julia Salazar’s campaign and DSA’s growing electoral power received major coverage in New York Magazine, The Intercept, WNYC, NY1, the Gotham Gazette, and the Daily News, (multiple times).
  • Leaders of the Bronx Democratic Party met to discuss Ocasio-Cortez’s victory but did not invite two of the most prominent progressives from the borough, State Senator Gustavo Rivera (District 33, University Heights) and Ocasio-Cortez herself.
  • Prominent Democratic leaders are slowly peeling away from Cuomo to endorse Cynthia Nixon, such as Council Member Antonio Reynoso (District 34, Williamsburg/Bushwick), who on Thursday joined the few prominent local elected officials who have announced their support.
  • Popular support for left-wing candidates in New York State, including Cynthia Nixon, may be underrepresented in polls due to surges in new and younger voters.
  • Zellnor Myrie opened a new campaign headquarters for his continued challenge to incumbent former IDC member Jesse Hamilton for the District 20 (Central Brooklyn) State Senate seat. After Assembly Member Diana Richardson (District 43, Crown Heights) endorsed Myrie, Hamilton registered an anonymous website called “wokebrooklyn.com” and sent out a mass email attacking Richardson.
  • Former City Comptroller John Liu is planning a last minute challenge to State Senator Tony Avella (District 11, Northeast Queens), a former IDC member.

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