DSA Endorses El-Yateem for City Council + New York State Liberty Act

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The New York State Liberty Act

This week’s newsletter features an interview with Tereza Lee, a volunteer activist, former DREAMer and member of Uptown Progressive Action, a chapter of NYPAN. Tereza has been running around the city raising awareness for the New York State Liberty Act (S4075) a bill that would essentially make New York a sanctuary state by ensuring that the State provides a number of protections from federal agencies.

DSA Electoral News: What’s the status of NYSLA at the moment? 

Tereza Lee: It has passed in the Assembly, and currently is awaiting a vote in the Senate. We’re very close to securing enough votes, but we need to reach out as much as possible to state senators who are still undecided, or who may be persuadable to join us in support. If passed, it would protect almost a million immigrants that are otherwise vulnerable under Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. 

DSAEN: What can we as individuals do to help?

TL: You can join the Liberty Act Coalition on the private working Facebook group to plug in and help us out with actions, such as calling and petitioning specific Senators. You can also email me at trizali@yahoo.com.

One of the biggest problems is that people have never heard about the Liberty Act, even many politicians weren’t aware that there was such a bill in New York until we called them. So you can talk about the Liberty Act to your friends and social media, call the media and tell them to cover it.

“Like” our New York Liberty Act Facebook page, and tweet using #NYLibertyAct or #LibertyNY. Sign and share our online petition.

DSAEN: What else are you doing outside of social media?

TL: We have been working with local churches, many of whom have already officially become designated as sanctuaries, and we’re looking for ways to help those who have been raided or had run-ins with ICE. The UPA Immigrant Rights Committee has been working on building a local texting/rapid response network to help anyone experiencing ICE raids and organizing Know Your Rights training events. We also have regular public meetings so that we can continue to get ideas on how to move forward.

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