Cuomo’s Progressive Plans + Alicia Glen Resigns

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Local News:

  • Governor Cuomo gave a speech outlining his plans for the 2019 legislative session. The media focused on his call to legalize recreational marijuana (a position he adopted recently, after being challenged by Cynthia Nixon in the 2018 Democratic primary), as well as other progressive moves, like a pledge to make New York carbon neutral (although not until 2040), an end to vacancy decontrol, and electoral reform (although he called for that last year too). Although the Governor’s platform had a number of apparent progressive platforms, he refused to increase taxes on the wealthy, did not commit to supporting the New York Health Act, and also called to make his property tax cap permanent.
  • Following the Governor’s speech, Mayor de Blasio officially announced his support for legalizing recreational marijuana.
  • Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen announced that she is leaving the de Blasio administration early next year. A former Goldman Sachs executive, Glen’s role included overseeing the Mayor’s housing plan, private-sector job growth, and NYCHA, among other things.
  • Six incoming Democratic State Senators representing NYC have released a statement in support of congestion pricing, which will likely be put to a contentious debate in the Legislature in early 2019.
  • Outgoing Public Advocate Tish James released her final “Worst Landlords” List, putting NYCHA on top after a year of turmoil for the agency.
  • The Riders Alliance wants Mayor De Blasio to do more to promote the Fair Fares program that begins in January.


  • In a story in The Intercept on the upcoming Public Advocate election, Jumaane Williams defended his progressive bonafides after attacks from Nomiki Konst and other opponents.
  • State Senator Kevin Parker (District 21, Central Brooklyn) tweeted at a Republican communications director to kill herself after she pointed out his abuse of his parking placard. He resigned from a leadership role on Jumaane Williams’ Public Advocate campaign after he was met with opprobrium.
  • Incoming Senator Julia Salazar (District 18, Northern Brooklyn) and Deputy Senate Majority Leader Mike Gianaris (District 12, Western Queens) appeared on public access television to discuss their plans for the 2019 legislative session.
  • Queens DA Richard Brown released a statement in opposition to the Governor and Mayor’s recent announcements in support of legalizing recreational marijuana. Brown has held the office since June 1, 1991 and has not yet announced whether or not he intends to stand for re-election in 2019.

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