Cuomo, De Blasio trade blame for vaccination rollout + Celebrating 200 Issues

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Local News 

  • Only 34% of the City’s supply of the Covid-19 vaccine has been used, with some having even been thrown away. After Mayor De Blasio put blame on the Governor’s strict eligibility rules, Cuomo announced that Phase 1B, which includes patients aged 75 and over, as well as education workers, first responders, public transit workers, and public safety workers, will begin today. Several of the factors for the slow rollout cited by De Blasio seem to contradict earlier statements from his own administration.
  • The City will open five 24-hour COVID vaccine sites as it scales up its vaccination operation. Overnight subway service will remain suspended, despite calls from transit advocates and some elected officials to restore service in order to support the overnight vaccination effort.
  • In response to the January 6 Capitol riot, NYC-DSA organized a protest of several thousand that marched from the Barclays Center to Chuck Schumer’s house.
  • A participant in the Capitol riot was identified as Aaron Mostofsky, the son of Brooklyn Supreme Court judge Shlomo Mostofsky and brother of Brooklyn Conservative Party figurehead Nachman Mostofsky.
  • A coalition made up of NYC-DSA, unions, and other progressive organizations in New York State formally launched a campaign to pass the Invest in Our New York Act, a package of six bills designed to raise over $50 billion in revenue by taxing the rich.
  • Democratic control of the US Senate will likely result in an increase of federal aid to states, and Cuomo has made statements suggesting he is rethinking his approach to the 2021 budget as a result.
  • A limited pilot project in Brownsville pulled NYPD cops from their posts and replaced them with community-led violence interrupter groups.
  • The City’s Department of Health has partnered with chain pharmacies in neighborhoods seriously affected by fentanyl overdoses to provide free naloxone over the counter.
  • Governor Cuomo announced plans to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2021, just as he announced plans to do so in 2020 and 2019.
  • Ross Barkan covered the ambitions of the new class of socialist and progressive state legislators in 2021.
  • The legal aid attorneys at Queens Defenders announced a plan to unionize, following a trend in public defenders’ offices around the City. Management has been hostile so far.
  • NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea has tested positive for Covid-19.


  • State Senator Brian Benjamin’s comptroller campaign will return almost $6000 of donations after a report revealed that several of his listed donors never recalled donating money.
  • The first major candidate forum in Brooklyn’s Council District 35 race was marked by tension between former District Leader Renee Collymore and Crystal Hudson regarding Hudson’s relationship with outgoing Council Member Laurie Cumbo. DSA-endorsed Michael Hollingsworth will participate in Part 2 of the forum tomorrow.
  • Ahead of announcing his mayoral campaign, Andrew Yang is facing questions about his decision to leave the City during the spring Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Nine Democratic candidates for Mayor attended an online forum hosted by Uptown Community Democrats.

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